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How many people do you know with the exact same dream as you? More likely than not, it is hard to find a group of people with the same aspirations as you. The goal of our training is to change the culture of basketball. To unite all people with the same dream so all athletes can learn and grow from one another. To create a basketball FAMILY.


Our basketball training uses an innovative and unconventional skills system. This system challenges traditional ways of training as all skills training is designed to help athletes breakthrough barriers they would otherwise succumb to. We want to explore the deepest horizons of each of our athletes game. We hope to spread this knowledge to all of our athletes all while creating a healthy environment.


Shayne Martinez

Skill Enhancement Trainer


He is a college champion of the State Univeristy Of New York Athletic Conference Championship and second round appearence in the NCAA tournament at Cortland State. Cortland State is renowned for its winning of national championships and production of All-Americans every year. Majority of Shayne's first clients were college athletes, providing him with high caliber experience that will allow him to adjust to various play styles and talent levels. Shayne is strongly committed to his craft and teaching as a Hoop Firm trainer.






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